Derby Day is just around the corner (that would be this Saturday, folks) and with it comes the [2nd] most wonderful time of the year, Mint Julep season! {shimmy shimmy, twist and twirl}

Mint Julep Mania | SET on Life

The Mint Julep as we know it today became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby in 1938. It contains a perfect blend of bourbon, simple syrup and mint to create a refreshing warm-weather cocktail. One of the things I most love about this drink is that it’s so simple! Only 3 key ingredients (okay, and ice) and a million ways to vary from the classic to create whatever you’re feeling at that moment.

Today, I’d like to share 3 Mint Julep recipes I’ll be sipping on from now through summer. If you have a favorite mint julep recipe, let me know in the comments! I’m always looking for new ways to mix them up. First up, the classic –