Hi! I’m Sara – wife, puppy mom, avid organizer and lover of life!  This lifestyle blog is a place for me to share the parts and pieces of the world that are currently inspiring me in the hopes that it will brighten your day and give you a little inspiration too. 

I’m a small town girl at heart. I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and chased my dream of working for the mouse to both Orlando and Los Angeles. During this time I met and fell in love with my husband, R, and we welcomed our darling pug, Puck, into our hearts. After a few years on the west coast, we decided it was time to be closer to family and made our (hopefully last!) cross-country trek back east to settle down in Lancaster.

The idea of blogging came to me a few years ago when I found myself spending hours every day combing through all kinds of different blogs, but silly excuses and fear of the unknown kept me from launching what I knew would be an amazing creative outlet. After some recent soul searching, I realized my fears were completely unfounded (as so many are!) and it would be selfish of me to not contribute to a community that I love so dearly. Thus, SET on Life was formed! 

SET on Life is a lifestyle blog for real women looking to create a happy, healthy, and fulfilling home and family life on her own terms. Here you will find everyday food, fashion, travel, self-improvement, decor and other ideas that will hopefully spark some dreams of your own and bring a smile to your face in the process.

When not blogging or working, you can find me spending quality time with the people I love over a glass of Malbec or a fabulous cheese plate, re-organizing some nook or cranny at home, or daydreaming about our next vacation. I’m a firm believer in the power of a great pair of heels, escaping reality with a good book, and am SET on creating a captivating, fulfilling life.

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